Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining a fleet means keeping each vehicle in peak condition, and B&B Repairs is your premier partner in achieving just that. Our fleet maintenance services are thorough and proactive, designed to keep your fleet on the road, compliant, and operating at its best.

B n B Repairs

Comprehensive Truck Repair Services

Preventive Maintenance

Regular checks to prevent breakdowns and extend vehicle life.

DOT Inspections

Rigorous inspections to ensure regulatory compliance and safety.

Brake Service

Essential maintenance to keep your fleet stopping safely and reliably.

Oil Changes and Lubrication

Vital services to maintain engine health and performance.

Tire Inspection and Rotation

To maximize tire life and ensure safe handling.

Electrical Systems Check

To avoid unexpected downtime due to electrical failures.

AC and Heating Systems

Keeping your drivers comfortable regardless of the season.

Premium Parts Assurance

Utilizing only premium-quality parts, we ensure each repair enhances the integrity and performance of your fleet.

Proactive and Scheduled Maintenance

We understand that your fleet is an essential part of your business. That’s why we offer scheduled maintenance services tailored to your needs—whether it’s weekly, monthly, or at intervals specific to your operations. Our goal is to prevent problems before they start, saving you time and money in the long run.

Real-Time Updates and Communication

Staying informed is key to managing a fleet efficiently. We provide real-time updates on every service we perform, ensuring you’re always in the loop. With B&B Repairs, you gain a partner who communicates transparently and promptly, giving you peace of mind.

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